Tiny Dazzles At BET Charity Event Amid New Pregnancy Rumors — TI Always Wanted Another Baby – Celebrity Insider (blog)

Celebrity Insider (blog)

Tiny Dazzles At BET Charity Event Amid New Pregnancy Rumors — TI Always Wanted Another Baby
Celebrity Insider (blog)
A source said: “Tiny and T.I. have had a lot of romantic nights in the past couple of months. Their sex life is better than it has been in years.Things have gotten very wild, and they have not exactly been careful, and you know what that means. Tiny

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Sean and Catherine Lowe’s Go-To Date Night Involves ‘Way Too Many Pizzas’ – PEOPLE.com


Sean and Catherine Lowe's Go-To Date Night Involves 'Way Too Many Pizzas'
Since date nights out are few and far between with their 15-month-old baby boy Samuel at home, they like to get creative with romantic nights in. When they want the food favorite sans guilt, they go for a homemade veggie-powered pizza. RELATED: Emily …

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T.I. & Tiny Kiss & PDA Proving They’re Back Together At Hip Hop … – Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life

T.I. & Tiny Kiss & PDA Proving They're Back Together At Hip Hop …
Hollywood Life
Well, well, well. Look who's back together?! T.I. and Tiny made it clear on the red carpet at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors that they're together again. Their massive …
TI And Tiny Pack Massive PDA During Red Carpet Event Proving They're Back Together!Celebrity Insider (blog)
The Game ChangersVH1.com

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People Are Roasting This Guy Who Created A Website To Find A Girlfriend – Refinery29


People Are Roasting This Guy Who Created A Website To Find A Girlfriend
I'm not even going to pretend that I understand the world of online dating. Between all of the various sites, which all seem to offer their own brand of intrusiveness — seriously, people are cool with disclosing their credit scores before they even meet?

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