The star crossed lovers


Wait a minute, I know this man and his voice, and why is he talking about Queen Hatshepsut and Senenmut with such passion? Oh my God, it is him – the man I am meant to meet. He is Taking a look at me, and I think he knows me. No I am kidding myself.

This supposed to be a real occasion that took place a Karnak temple not so very long ago. En English girl sat in Hatshepsut’s temple in Karnak and waited for an entire day. In the afternoon a tourist guide walked in, and they right away knew each other. The strange thing was that she shared her birthday with the Egyptian queen and he shared his birthday with the priest known as Senenmut. They left together that afternoon, and have been said to never have parted company since then. The story get even complete stranger as their daughter was born on the exact same date, although a few thousands of years, as the child of Queen Hatshepsut and Senenmut. The family still lives in Bayswater.

I think that my boyfriend and I are star crossed lovers says a girl from Bayswater Escorts from We met a couple of months ago and we have been together every day since then, we have not missed out a day out of each other’s lives. I love him and he loves me too, and it feels like we have always been together and known each other. It is the most natural feeling in the world, and I can’t help to think that it meant for me to happen without expecting it. I truly believe on expect the unexpected for these things whom you didn’t expect will surely knocks on your door to serve you better then.

You may not live that the stars can find you love but I do. I am sure that our entire lives have been mapped out and the universe has all the answers that we need in life. I have never prayed to God but instead I have prayed individual goals Gods and Goddesses represented by certain stars. I prayed to Cassiopeia and my boyfriend turn up in my life. Clearly he was sent to me by the Goddess and there is no doubt in my mind that we have been together in a previous life.

The first time I met him was overwhelmed by a sensation of Déjà vu and I knew I had seen him before. We both had exactly the very same feeling. Mind you, we can’t figure out where or when we met in previous life but we are planning to see a hypnotherapist to see if she can regress us to our previous lives. Can it be true? It is a complete leap of faith but it is one that I am prepared to take.

My mother says that I am insane but at the same time she can see how well we get on. She says there must be something to it and perhaps it is more than a coincidence. Maybe we are indeed star crossed lovers.